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August 15, 2018

The Droematic Show is a monthly podcast that discusses topics ranging from music, politics, sports, and celebrity news. 


The Hosts




Eren "Droematic" Martin is the main host of the show, creator, and mastermind behind the scenes.   He is an internet personality, animation creator, and technical guru. 


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Jonathan "J-Dub" Waters, a Washington D.C native, is a former night club DJ, who also has a background in many different trades. Jj-Dub does his best to keep the crew under control from a logical standpoint.  He currently handles financing for multiple companies.

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A proud New Yorker through and through, she is the lionness of the 3, and will speak what's on her mind at the drop of a hat.  Her knowledge of hip hop completes the strength of the team.

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